About Us


Who are we?

We are a company that operates in the field of manufacturing electronic assemblies. We are located in the city of Hongkong, where we were founded.

What do we do?

If you want to start the serial production of an electronic or electromechanical product, we are your partner. We work for reputable customers across the globe. By combining an innovative design and an efficient assembling, we have integrated a complex production system into one complete process.

We provide complete services in the field of EMS industry (Electronics Manufacturing Services), including the management of the entire production cycle, which involves the complete design of the product and the development of production, together with certification, engineering, cost reduction system, best manufacturing solutions and technical support.

Our main comparative advantage that we always emphasize is the complete research and development process of the products that we offer to our clients, from the idea up to the final realization. We turn your ideas into concrete specifications; we create designs and technical drawings that will eventually become part of the electronic or electromechanical products of your company.

What is specific to us?

Our corporate credo knows no challenge that we cannot face, by creating additional value that will set apart your product from the one of the competition in a demanding market.

Our clients, our creative team and the environment in which we create constitute the closed circle of a harmonious set of efficient and successful operations.

What services are included in our work?

  • Development and certification of electronic assemblies and test stations
  • Introduction of a new product
  • Mass production
  • After-sales activities

In what industries are our products present?

  • Car industry
  • Home appliances
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical devices
  • Lighting
  • Industrial machines

What kind of relationship do we have with our clients?

By understanding the needs of our clients and applying inexhaustible energy and innovation, we can successfully solve any challenge and deliver excellent results as your reliable partner.

We drive the energy of our employees and create a business environment where they can reach the highest levels, because we are aware that maximum commitment and faith in success always deliver the best results.

What are our strategic advantages?

  • We are a “one stop shop” for our partners, because we always offer a complete service.
  • We are perfectly located, with 4 international airports within a 200 km radius
  • We are partners of companies with decades of experience in the production of machine and metal structures, plastic processing and the manufacture of various tools.
  • We are able to engage the most promising young engineers, because Hongkong is a university city.